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Charloma, Inc. has been acquired by Forte Products. Please refer to our website http://www.forteproducts.com.
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About Us

  • Norman and Evelyn Fink founded Charloma and incorporated it in 1969 in Cherryvale, Kansas as a manufacturer of fiberglass bathtubs and shower enclosures.
  • In the 1970’s, Charloma diversified into producing fiberglass components for the recreational vehicle industry and purchased thermoform equipment to begin its two-person boat line.
  • During the 1980’s, the Company moved from manufacturing shower enclosures to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) fiberglass and thermoformed components. The Company began utilizing the rigidized acrylic process, which combined thermoforming acrylic sheet and rigidizing it with fiberglass. This process became widely used in the aluminum fishing and pontoon boat industry for the boat console/helm.
  • In 1992, the Company expanded into the rotational molding process.
  • In 1999, the Company purchased Walnut Ridge and its subsidiary, Activity Based Supplies, a manufacturer and distributor of private-label technology lab equipment, and furniture and educational activity kits.
  • During 1999, Charloma’s operations sustained a fire loss in its fiberglass division, and as a result, the Company scaled back many of its damaged operations relating to the fiberglass process. The Company used insurance proceeds to expand its thermoforming and rotational molding operations and purchased equipment to begin producing custom injection-molded components. Charloma also purchased thermoform equipment that allows for twin-sheet and pressure-forming applications.
  • In 2002, the Company sold Activity Based Supplies, the catalog portion of Walnut Ridge.
  • In 2004, Charloma purchased the Burlington facility to expand its plastic injection molding operations. The Company also purchased two blow-molding machines. With the addition of this process, the Company decided its primary focus was on plastic products; therefore, Charloma decided to dissolve its furniture operations in 2005.
  • Today, Charloma is engaged principally in the design, manufacture and wholesale of custom plastic injection molding products.

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