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Blow Molding Materials

Materials include different grades of polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, and PET, PET being the most common (used for making bottles). The materials are chosen for their physical properties, cost and environmental utilization. Charloma currently molds parts using HDPE, and Polypropylene.


Thermo Plastic Olefin is a very durable plastic material that has been used in automotive applications for several years. TPO products offer a lightweight alternative in vehicle components where weight is important. They also offer excellent weather resistance, have excellent cold weather impact performance, and exceptional durability. Further, they are highly resistant to common cleaning agents and can be fastened without the use of a screw. Typical applications include RV, bus, and truck roofs, fenders, doors and sidewalls, wheel wells, end caps, bumpers, fender skirts, agricultural row dividers, and end caps.


Linear Low Density Polyethylene, High Density Polyethylene, and Polypropylene are all Polyolefins – Polyolefins are the largest group of thermoplastics and are often referred to as commodity resins. The term “polyolefin” means "oil-like" and refers to the oily or waxy feel that these materials have. The two most common polyolefin’s are polyethylene and polypropylene. They are very popular, because of their low cost and wide range of applications. Some applications include, seed hoppers, water containers, covers, and tanks.


The most common blow molded grade of resin due to it’s superior barrier properties. Used for making beverage containers or bottles.

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