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Custom Fiberglass Molding

custom fiberglass moldingCharloma has been manufacturing custom fiberglass products since it opened in 1969. Whether you need open or closed molding, chopped or hand laid, we help you make the right decision for your product application. For boat applications, hand laid fiberglass molding is often the way to go. Parts can be produced with a high end, class-A automotive finish straight out of the mold or made for a paintable surface. Charloma has the experience and knowledge of molding processes to create any type of part from custom fiberglass molding.

Open Mold Fiberglass Process

The open mold process involves spray painting a gel coat into an open mold then applying a layer of resin soaked, chopped, or hand laid fiberglass roving or mat to the gel coat. After the gel coat and resin are applied, all air must be removed between the layers to avoid weak spots. After the air is removed the part is left to cure, then de-molded and trimmed into a finished product.

Closed Mold Fiberglass Process

Closed molding uses a predetermined amount of resin and fiberglass mat vacuum is applied to pull the air out of the part. Closed molded parts are very consistent in weight.

Applications For Fiberglass Molding

Fiberglass molding has countless applications, a few common uses are below

Fiberglass Molding Materials

Materials used include:


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