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Custom Rotational Molding

custom rotational moldingCharloma is a leading manufacturer of custom rotational molding products. Charloma currently has two rotational molding facilities, Cherryvale, Kansas, and Burlington, Kansas. Charloma's custom rotational molding divisions feature eight machines ranging from 84 inch ovens to 131 inch ovens. Our custom rotational molding capabilities allow us to create a wide variety of products to exacting specifications.

The Rotational Molding Process

Rotational molding, or roto molding, is a closed mold process that is utilized to make hollow parts. Plastic resin in powder form is placed inside a mold. The machine arm holding the molds is engaged and sent into biaxial rotation traveling into the oven for a predetermined time. The plastic begins to melt and stick to the inner walls of the mold. The part is allowed to cool enough to be removed from the mold. There are many advantages to custom rotational molding such as: low cost tooling, robust durable parts, parts can be reinforced with foam in a one-step process, fasteners can be molded in for mounting purposes, buttress threads can be molded in to accept different styles of caps, and graphics can be molded or fused into the parts.

Rotational Molding Materials

The most commonly used materials for rotational molding are:

Applications of Rotational Molding

  • marine seats
  • fuel tanks
  • hydraulic tanks
  • seed hoppers
  • air ducts
  • chute tubes
  • flower pots
  • light fixtures
  • kayaks

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