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HDPE & Polyethylene Rotational Molding

An innovator in the manufacturing of custom HDPE rotational molding, our research and development has provided us the knowledge to manufacture a diverse line of products. Charloma, Inc. is committed to excellence in this specialized field, serving clients around the world. HDPE is categorized as a polyolefin, the largest class of thermoplastics. We continue to set the standard in HDPE (high density polyethylene) rotational molding.

Equipped with state of the art equipment, our machine sizes range from 84” swing diameter to 131” swing diameter, expanding our capabilities to accommodate small and large plastic parts.

Benefits of HDPE Rotational Molding

  • High tensile strength
  • Lightweight characteristics
  • Inexpensive materials
  • Compliant with USDA and FDA guidelines
  • Suitable for large products and complex designs

Charloma is eager to work with any custom HDPE rotational molding application. To compliment our extensive inventory, we provide products manufactured to any specification. We value your deadlines and can assure your orders are shipped on time.

Our knowledgeable engineers will confirm with you the best material for your application. It is the focused goal of the Charloma group to assist you from reviewing your designs to assure proper specifications to delivering the finished product. The quality control team at Charloma adheres to the strictest guidelines to assure every order is of the highest quality. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Examples of HDPE Rotational Molding Products

  • Water tanks
  • Sea toppers
  • Agricultural products
  • Pontoons and other flotation devices


Rotational molding is exceptionally inexpensive and accessible for large products, including those with complex geometric designs.

We welcome a challenge and our competent engineers will be happy to help solve yours. Contact the Charloma team today to assist with any HDPE rotational molding applications.

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