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HMPE Thermoform Molding

Charloma, Inc. can provide unrivaled quality in manufacturing HMPE thermoform molding products. We can assist you from prototype to production.

One of the best known thermoforming resins available today is the standard commodity plastic, HMPE (highly molecular weight polyethylene). HMPE is a very durable polyolefin material. This high volume plastic is used in a variety of applications.

Applications of HMPE Thermoform Molding

  • Pulley covers
  • Battery trays
  • Chain guards
  • Fender flares
  • Pump housings
  • Playground equipment
  • Heavy construction components

Charloma is equipped with state of the art equipment and our machines are capable of forming sheets as large as 132” x 132”. Many years of knowledge and experience allows us to offer several different styles of thermoforming: pressure forming, twin sheet pressure thermoforming, rigidized acrylics (fiberglass reinforced acrylics), and standard vacuum/thermoforming.

We are deadline driven and assure all orders are processed with the fastest turnaround possible. Our capabilities allow us to accommodate small to large quantity orders.

Charloma implements the latest technology and our highly trained engineers will work with your designs to ensure your specifications are correct for the production process.

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