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Industries Served

Charloma is able to serve numerous industries because we employ a diverse line of processes. Listed below are a few of the industries we currently serve:

Marine: Seats, consoles, live wells, dashes, and rod holders are examples of the kinds of products we make for the marine industry. Some of the boat seats that we make are made using the rotational molding process. It allows the seats to have molded-in inserts (fasteners) for the OEM companies to use for mounting hardware, saving assembly time. Consoles are typically constructed of thin gel-coat like acrylic, thermoformed plastic that is then reinforced with fiberglass to give it the strength required to handle tough boating environments.

RV: LP covers, fender skirts, and air conditioner covers are examples of the kinds of RV products we currently manufacture.

Lawn & Garden: Fuel tanks, pulley covers, tool compartments, blower chutes, and grass catchers. These are some of the components common to the industry wehave been serving for many years. We can accommodate low volume production needs with rotational molding, vacuum forming, and fiberglass. We also handle high volume needs through blow molding and injection molding.

Automotive: HVAC ducts, jumper boxes, speaker housings, and multiple injection-molded components are just a few of the automotive products that take advantage of the many plastics processes we offer.

Medical: Mechanical housings, protective covers are a couple of the components that need to meet specific safety regulations such as smoke, fire, FDA, and electrical ratings.

Food Service & Hospitality: Food containers, ice molds, booster seats, catering containers.

Janitorial/Sanitation: Chemical containers, gray water tanks, fresh water tanks, and portable toilet components.

Packaging: Pallets, protective covers, returnablepackaging, shipping containers. Small injection molded protective shipping covers to large rotational molded returnable pallets systems.

Construction: Engine cowlings, doors, protective shields, fiberglass engine covers, state-of-the-art vacuum form TPO door panels.

Military: Heater housings, targets, trailer components, fresh water containers, protective carrying cases, are just a few of the custom military products we’ve built over the years. We also understand the confidentiality issues surrounding government contracts and will sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Aerospace: Thin walled interior panels, duct work, consoles, wheel covers

Outdoor Recreational Equipment: Kayaks, coolers, sports training equipment, deer feeders.

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