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Thermoform Molding Materials

Today there are more options for thermoforming plastics than ever before. Our material suppliers work hard to fulfill our customers' needs; therefore, they are constantly improving and developing resins for future applications. Some of the best-known thermoforming resins available today include standard commodity plastics such as ABS and HMPE. For the more advanced requirements there are TPO’s, Polycarbonate/ABS blends, and Impact Modified Acrylics.


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is one of the most frequently used plastics employed on the market today. Typical Applications: Automotive parts, household items, ducting, medical products, and exercise equipment covers.


High Molecular Weight Polyethylene is a very durable polyolefin material. This is another high volume plastic used for such items as pulley covers, battery trays, chain guards, fender flares, pump housings, playground equipment, and heavy construction components.


Thermo Plastic Olefin is a very durable plastic material that has been used in automotive applications for several years. TPO sheet products offer a lightweight alternative in vehicle components where weight is important. They also offer excellent weather resistance, have excellent cold weather impact performance, and exceptional durability. Further, they are highly resistant to common cleaning agents and can be fastened without the use of a screw. Typical applications include RV, bus, and truck roofs, fenders, doors and sidewalls, wheel wells, end caps, bumpers, fender skirts, agricultural row dividers, and end caps.

ABS/Polycarbonate blends

This blend of material can be formed into some of the toughest parts available. This process often requires the part to be painted for UV protection and can be used for bus side doors, engine cowlings, protective covers, or any high impact application.

Impact Modified Acrylics

This material has very high gloss capabilities increasing the part's cosmetic value. Some parts achieve a class A automotive finish. Current applications include dash boards, ATV and UTV hoods, heavy construction door skins, marine, and RV products.

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