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Custom Plastic & Vacuum Thermoform Molding

Charloma takes pride in being able to offer several different styles of custom plastic thermoform molding: pressure forming, twin sheet pressure thermoforming, rigidized acrylics (fiberglass reinforced acrylics), and standard vacuum/thermoforming. Charloma has been a leading supplier of thermoformed parts for decades. We offer turn-key, in-house tooling and machines capable of forming sheets as large as 132”x132”.

Thermoform Molding Materials

Materials used include:

thermoform molding

Thermoform Molding Styles

Pressure Forming: Is applying high pressure to the back side of the plastic sheet during the molding cycle. The plastic picks up every detail in the precisely machined or acid etched tool surface and transfers it to the face of the part. This process is typically used in place of injection molding projects where tooling costs and annual usages don’t line up properly to justify injection molding. Applications include but are not limited to: High-end medical covers, exercise equipment covers, engine cowlings, electrical housings, automotive, and recreational components.

Twin sheet pressure thermoforming: This process is very similar to pressure forming. In this process, you can create hollow parts by combining two sheets of material during the molding process. Imagine a top dome and a bottom dome formed together to make a sphere. This is an example of what can be accomplished when using twin sheet forming. Applications include but are not limited to: High-end medical covers, engine cowlings, automotive components, air conditioner covers, compressor compartment doors, recreational components, air ducts, and fuel tanks.

Rigidized Acrylics: This process includes thermoforming a thin acrylic shell applying fiberglass to the backside for reinforcement. This process is typically used for high volume products such as marine consoles, signage, and display fixtures.

Vacuum/Thermoforming:This process is the most commonly used thermoforming process. With vacuum thermoforming, you simply heat the material until it’s formable, then drape it over or into a mold and apply vacuum to pull the plastic to the mold, thus forming the part. Some Applications include : engine covers, doors, sightlines, protective shields, pulley covers, electrical boxes, marine and RV parts, ATV and motorcycle fenders, hoods, and mud flares.

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